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July 2014
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Shame on me.

I am guilty of blog neglect. I admit it. It’s pretty obvious in the multiple missing Stampin’ Up! links on the left side of my page. Since my last post was in November (how is already the end of April anyway?) I figured it was time to do a little maintenance. The desire to blog really hasn’t come back to me, but maybe if I force myself to at least make a presence here it will come back. Who knows. For now though, at least I can work on updating all my links. Ugh.

Work, work and more work

I didn’t feel very good today, but I did sleep really well last night. We got a head start on the paper today so tomorrow shouldn’t be bad. My appointment to take my mom’s car in to have the transmission looked at is tomorrow. I am not going to hold my breath that it will be a cheap fix… I hate not having my own vehicle.

I have to get cracking on my magic yarn ball swap stuff. I don’t even remember when the deadline is. I am gonna be doing that plus the MAWS newsletter this weekend so I’ll at least be busy.

I can’t wait to go spend a night in Billings and do some Christmas shopping with the hubster.

Knitting class tonight

I have been (sort of) diligently practicing my continental knitting. I think I finally have the hang of it. At first I was all thumbs, but this is definitely a faster method than the English version I had learned first. My knitting teacher is a super nice lady so I am looking forward to the class. I am going to have her show me how to knit a scarf on round needles tonight.

Lots of stuff going on (some good, some bad)

I found out today that my husband’s step-grandpa has liver cancer. He is 93 and it sounds pretty bad. I feel for Leta, hubster’s grandma. She’s been through a lot and this will be hard on her. At this point, I think the best we can hope for is that it’s quick and he doesn’t suffer anymore than he needs to.

The car I am borrowing from my mom has decided to break down. It’s still running, but my mechanic thinks the transmission is going out of it so I am taking it in on Friday for a second opinion (his recommendation). He’s always right in his assessments though, so I am not holding my breath. If we are lucky, maybe it will hold up long enough to trade in on another car. I am starting to think a car demon follows me around and wrecks all my stuff.

It’s time again to get the MAWS newsletter out. I think I’m getting ripped off on the printing of it, but that’s another story. I need to get it finished this weekend so I’m hoping for nasty weather – no guilt about staying inside that way.

The good news is, the Veterans Edition came out great and I have heard nothing but good things, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that continues. I am also working on a craft swap that I need to make a few things for. I’m not really sure when I am going to get that done. I have my knitting class tomorrow. I didn’t practice enough on my continental knitting so I am gonna try to squeeze some in before the class.

Could it be true?

Is the world going to run out of chocolate?